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Mobile portal

  • Multiple communication methods
    Multiple communication methods

    Conversation, phone call, mail, red envelope, video

  • Featured office functions
    Featured office functions

    Receipt messages, reminders, annotations, take a break, business cards, large group chats, burn after reading

  • Open API
    Open API

    Address book management, application access, message access, unified login

  • Full platform support
    Full platform support


  • Rich third-party applications
    Rich third-party applications

    Enterprise micro cloud platform, know the world, office leisure, micro plus

core value

  • Efficient collaboration
    Efficient collaboration

    Integrate high-frequency office tools to realize the integration of communication and collaboration

  • Mobile friendly
    Mobile friendly

    Mobile and computer cloud synchronization, convenient to open office mode in a variety of scenarios

  • Smart upgrade
    Smart upgrade

    Apply artificial intelligence and robots to help companies build smart workflows

  • Pleasant experience
    Pleasant experience

    Pursue the ultimate user experience and take the humanized product as the concept

  • Open and compatible
    Open and compatible

    Open platform to access multi-party system, unified entrance to simplify enterprise management

  • information security
    information security

    International authoritative safety certification, software life cycle safety guarantee

Highlight function

  • Efficient reach

    Don't miss any important news

  • Smart calendar

    Organize team meetings efficiently

  • Online documentation

    Real-time collaboration and knowledge management tool

  • Noise reduction communication

    Refuse to be swiped by irrelevant messages

  • smart robot

    Efficient task management assistant

  • Member management

    Concise and intuitive enterprise organization collaboration

  • application Center

    Open and compatible application integration platform