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    Live project




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    Live broadcast execution guarantee

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    Live broadcast platform service

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Umeet live cloud platform, rich functions empower the cloud

Live report

Real-time analysis includes live reports such as watch time, real-time viewers, etc.

  • Audience distribution

    Audience distribution

  • Viewing method

    Viewing method

  • Viewing equipment

    Viewing equipment

  • Live watch source

    Live watch source

  • Cumulative number of viewers

    Cumulative number of viewers

  • Real-time viewers

    Real-time viewers

  • User Management

    User Management

User scenario

  • Video connection

    Video connection

  • simultaneous interpretation

    simultaneous interpretation

  • Virtual studio

    Virtual studio

  • PPT sharing

    PPT sharing

  • Multi-split screen

    Multi-split screen

  • 3D packaging

    3D packaging

  • On-site projection

    On-site projection

  • Green Screen Director

    Green Screen Director

  • AR packaging

    AR packaging

  • Holographic live broadcast

    Holographic live broadcast

  • Live broadcast

    Live broadcast

  • Live broadcast

    Live broadcast

5 major guarantees

  • A. Video shooting guarantee

    Personnel security: real-name employment, more than three years of shooting experience
    Equipment guarantee: meet the live broadcast standard camera, use the same brand camera in the same session

  • B. Audio and sound quality guarantee

    Backup audio line: eliminate the risk of audio adaptation
    Sound quality guarantee: Eliminate current sound through audio isolator
    Volume gain: Through the cloud director's volume gain configuration, the live volume is not affected, and the online live volume is adjusted

  • C. Network transmission guarantee

    Encoding transmission: use 4G network aggregation equipment, when the wired network fails, use 4G network instead
    Backup encoder: strong aggregation network, 6-card aggregation network aggregation device, adapt to three-network link, select the best

  • D. Broadcast security

    Emergency switching: to prevent disconnection, jams and unexpected situations, the cloud director two-way backup mechanism, the audience switches the backup line without feeling
    Delay configuration: respond to emergencies on site
    Interactive security: configure sensitive word filtering, mute, kick people and other operations

  • E. Other measures to guarantee

    Voltage isolator: to ensure that the live broadcast equipment is not affected by changes in ambient voltage, audio and video output
    Power failure protection: use UPS backup power to avoid failure due to power failure
    External network guarantee: 4G aggregated routing guarantees on-site operation network
    Multi-cloud CDN deployment: prevent in advance to ensure audience coverage
    Whole process test: Professionals test and troubleshoot the whole process, eliminate risk sources before live broadcast, including venue environment
    The job process and the source of risk in the live broadcast link are often the key factors for live broadcast security