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Smart meeting big screen

Artificial Intelligence Conference Big Screen + UR Conference / New Generation
Artificial intelligence conference collaboration solution

Smart meeting big screen
Combining artificial intelligence technology to provide

Combining artificial intelligence technology to provide

Artificial intelligence technology can enable the conference equipment to automatically identify all participants in the video conference, locate the location of the speaker, and provide a face-to-face communication experience.

With the latest artificial intelligence conference system, it can automatically learn the indoor environment, regulate light, imaging and sound effects, and enhance the face-to-face meeting experience.

Provide a simple and cost-effective conference collaboration solution

It can be used when plugged in, with zero training requirements and zero IT technical support requirements. Anyone can easily set up and use.

Provide a highly integrated artificial intelligence conference collaboration program, face-to-face meeting experience, only one is needed. Since then, the meeting no longer needs to purchase additional equipment or pay expensive meeting design costs, and can be compatible with the company's existing meeting equipment. Before the meeting starts, no additional settings are required to use it

Provide a simple and cost-effective conference collaboration solution
Technology creates a simple meeting environment

Technology creates a simple meeting environment

The ultra-narrow bezel, ultra-thin body, and lightweight design of the artificial intelligence conference large screen provide high-quality conference solutions for enterprises of all sizes, which can instantly transform any space into a modern, simple, and suitable for teamwork video conference place.

The large screen of the artificial intelligence conference integrates the world's first 16-microphone array, smart 4K camera and a computing system optimized for artificial intelligence conferences. From then on, the meeting only needs the Umeet Rooms smart meeting big scree

Smart hardware

  • Electronic pen
    Electronic pen

    Bring you a smooth and natural writing experience. Using the electronic pen, you can easily and conveniently annotate and edit any document on the screen, and use the eraser to directly erase the unwanted content

  • Compatible device
    Compatible device

    The microphone and camera can be disassembled and assembled independently, providing customers with more flexible options. Customers can choose to install any existing compatible devices to increase user experience while saving money.

  • webcam

    With its own microphone and camera, the speaker is automatically located in a multi-person meeting through artificial intelligence recognition technology. By judging the position of the speaker and switching the camera, the participant experience of face-to-face meetings is increased.

  • Built-in microphone
    Built-in microphone

    The built-in microphone can receive sounds from the entire conference room within 10 meters. At the same time, the artificial intelligence technology will automatically locate the conference speaker, intelligently acquire the voice, and enhance the conference effect, making remote conference communication like face-to-face communication.

  • Built-in computer
    Built-in computer

    The built-in computer will ensure the smooth and smooth Umeet meeting for customers, making the meeting more efficient and convenient.

Lightweight and beautiful design

Ultra-narrow bezel | Ultra-thin body | Lightweight design

Lightweight and beautiful design