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Pain points

  • high cost
    high cost

    Many equipment, high cost, difficult to deploy applications on a large scale

  • Difficult to maintain
    Difficult to maintain

    Many equipment, complex structure, cumbersome operation, unstable non-embedded architecture
    X86 architecture Windows system, easy to be poisoned and crash

  • poor effect
    poor effect

    The network environment is uneven, the technology is backward, and network adaptation is not supported

  • Information island
    Information island

    Different brand systems are difficult to interconnect and communicate, resource integration is weak, and it is difficult to achieve efficient business synergy

Corporate University

  • Live broadcast service

    Cross-platform video decoding
    stable and smooth, low latency, high concurrency

    HD process

    Real-time transcoding

    Multi-CND switching

    Authentication encryption

  • On-demand service

    Audio and video storage management
    transcoding processing, accelerated playback technology

    Mass storage

    Efficient transcoding

    On-demand acceleration

    How short fit

  • system integration

    Flexible access to various functions and services
    Independent data account, copyright protection

    API/SDK support

    Brand logo change

    Personalization function

    Exclusive system customization

Subvert tradition

  • Leading architecture
    Leading architecture

    Distributed cluster architecture SVC cloud video technology, super network adaptive cloud MCU, efficiency 50 times higher than traditional, flexible expansion, call on demand

  • advanced technology
    advanced technology

    Echo suppression, automatic gain, advanced packet loss compensation, 30% packet loss without flickering audio high-fidelity media gateway, extensive compatibility with old age

  • Rich scene
    Rich scene

    Al wisdom perception analysis, fine management
    Data visualization, efficient management
    Home-school interaction, cultivating talents

  • Minimal application
    Minimal application

    Al-in-one integrated intelligent terminal
    Extremely streamlined equipment, extremely easy deployment
    No need for school personnel to operate and maintain
    Teacher one-click activation

University interaction