Overseas user registration code

Simple platform

  • Direct mobile phone push

    Access Umeet live broadcast tool

  • Viewing form


  • Encoder push stream

    Access Umeet live broadcast tool

  • Chat management

    Mute, chat review

  • Desktop live broadcast

    Grab the desktop for live broadcast

  • Channel decoration

    Super high degree of freedom decoration channel

  • Live webcam

    Direct access to pc camera

  • Live streaming

    Pull stream from media library or third party

  • Configure interaction

    Rich interactive functions

Interactive function

Output effect

data analysis

  • User geographical distribution
  • Viewing method
  • Live source
  • User Management
  • Real-time number of people
  • Cumulative number
  • Live Overview

Solution advantage

  • safety certificate
    safety certificate

    ISO9001/ISO27001 Ministry of Public Security Information Security Protection

  • System stability
    System stability

    Multi-cloud deployment, dynamic load, support 10,000 people to watch at the same time

  • Data Security
    Data Security

    Whole site encryption, tamper-proof, support intranet live broadcast

  • Data sovereignty
    Data sovereignty

    User independent database, user identity authentication system

  • Interactive mic
    Interactive mic

    Self-developed MRTC technology, there is no delay in the interaction with the microphone

  • Privatization deployment
    Privatization deployment

    Support platform privatization, exclusive cloud deployment plan

  • Big data platform
    Big data platform

    Exclusive big data platform, quantitative viewing and training

  • Overseas link
    Overseas link

    The signal covers the world, 98% of countries and regions

  • AI real-time subtitles
    AI real-time subtitles

    Real-time conversion between Chinese and English, up to 97% accuracy

  • Sensitive word filtering
    Sensitive word filtering

    Intelligent identification of sensitive information, massive vocabulary, support self-adding

  • Flexible access
    Flexible access

    API, SDK support, APP/small program/OA system access

  • Full terminal coverage
    Full terminal coverage

    Support PC/Web/iOS/Android/Mini Program/H5 etc.